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Nephtys is a Belgian-Syrian artist from Brussels. As a singer and rapper, she takes us into her world with versatility.
Refusing the stereotypes of misogynistic rap and sexist violence, she proposes conscious writings with subtlety. With her experiences on different Jazz and Pop scenes, she also reconnects to her first love, Soul and Hip Hop.
The name Nephtys is a tribute to the Egyptian divinity, accompanist of births and funeral rites, woman of all moments, she is the alter-ego of the singer.

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Agent : Alix Hammond-Merchant

Management : Le Sucre



"Pour se rapprocher de ses racines, elle s’aventure notamment dans des sonorités arabiques, comme sur " I Do It ". Un titre puissant, où elle revendique son indépendance et confronte la domination patriarcale. "

RTBF 26-06-2021

Nephtys performs an acoustic version of her song
”Heartless” of her EP ”Roots".

Cosy Jet Sessions is a musical media based in Brussels.

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