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Brussels based alt. rap live band powered by baroque monologue, radioactive synths and mean drumstick spanking.

In a world of steroid cows dressed in bubblegum, philosophical mindf***s have never sounded that ill, specifically when adding schizophrenic KORG MS20 bass and incisive neck-breaking live drums. Founded by vocalist Herb Cells (cf. Wild Boar & Bull bb, Frown-I-Brown, GLÜ, …), FOꓘKOP.EЯA is not your average F-word opera, but means Era of Imposters. Influenced by many (genres), this urban U.F.O. is yet very idiosyncratic.

FOꓘKOP.EЯA was artist-in-residence twice at Vaartkapoen (VK concerts), played at #LESNUITS2021 before AUSGANG, did the support of CLIPPING. (M4) and will present its 1st EP at Vaartkapoen 10.02.23 !

FOꓘKOP.EЯA drew inspiration from : Run The Jewelz, Shabazz Palaces, AUSGANG, Sleaford Mods, Th3rteen, Flying Lotus, The Roots, Saul Williams, Death Grips, One Day as a Lion ...


☆ starring ☆
Herb Cells (vc); Martin Daniel (k); Denis Baeten (d); Charles Bruère (vj)

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