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Born in Brussels to Congolese parents Badi landed in Congo for the first time in 2013. This return to the sources will give birth to the EP Matonge which was released in 2015. Through it, Badi explores as much the history of the Congo, with titles like Lettre à ma femme (Homage ato Patrice Lumumba) or #243 (ft Youssoupha) and Belgicain (ft Freddy Massamba), as well as his personal history with Na Lingi Yo.

At the beginning of 2017, Badi received the award Paroles Urbaines. On 30 June of the same year, he released his first album Article XV. This expression of Congo-Kinshasa refers to an imaginary article of law popular in Congo and symbol of the congolese people resourcefulness. Article XV revolves around the course of the fighter that his father went through in the 1970s when he arrived in Brussels. Matonge is the European discovering Africa. Article XV is the African who discovering Europe.

His collaboration with Boddhi Satva, founding father of the Ancestral Soul (traditional African rhythms sampled on an avant-garde electronic sound) and their long-standing friendship naturally lead them to make an album that will be released in fall 2020 on the english label BBE.

Thanks to the sounds that Badi chooses from the flourishing production of Boddhi Satva, his voice and bold texts go straight to the point. The atmosphere of this album will sail between the streets of Brussels and Lisbon, the nights of Abidjan and Kinshasa and the fashion shows of London and Paris. They started this collaboration in 2015 with a first title: Integration. In autumn 2017, they return with the single Kitendi. This piece, full of vintage fashion and trap rhythms, is acclaimed by international critics. 1 year later, the two acolytes invite Kaysha, aka the prince of the Kizomba, big star in Africa and the USA, on the track Muasi Na Ngai.

The next title of this album will be a tribute to Virgil Abloh, polymath American creator and artistic director for Homme at Louis Vuitton. Trained as an architect, he is also a stylist, DJ, Kanye West's right-hand man, as well as the founder of the Off-White brand, based in Milan. Virgil Abloh is one of the greatest symbols of the influence of the African diaspora in today's pop culture.

Trouble Fête (Extracts)

Release Fall 2020

01 - Mauvaise Ambiance - Badi & Boddhi SArtist Name
00:00 / 02:23
05 - Qui Es Tu - Badi & Boddhi Satva - TArtist Name
00:00 / 03:04
04_-_Intègration - Badi_&_Boddhi_Satva_-Artist Name
00:00 / 03:19
03 - Virgil Abloh - Badi & Boddhi Satva Artist Name
00:00 / 02:47
08 - Visa - Badi & Boddhi Satva - TroublArtist Name
00:00 / 03:40
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