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title. NaFF - 004

date. November 27th 2013

band. Jawhar 

album. Qibla wa Qobla

"Qibla Wa Qobla", Jawhar's brand new second album. Soulful song-writing taking its roots in north-african chaabi and nick draky folk.

Note: "The Kiss & the Prayer-Orientation" is a possible translation for "Qibla Wa Qobla". 


J. Basti: guitars, banjo & vocals 

Yannick Dupont: drums, percussions & glockenspiel 

Eric Bribosia: fender rhodes, roland SH, piano, hammond, philicorda, farfisa & harmonium 

Laurens Smet: bass and double bass 

Nicola Lancerotti: double bass on "Idhallil" & "Such a breeze" 

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