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title. NaFF - 005

date. February 2nd 2014

band. UTZ

EP. Pirata

UTZ – “PIRATA” revisited! The new “pirata”remix-EP is now available! One song = three versions. UTZ’s “Pirata“ revisited by musicians from different musical backgrounds. First version is the original track taken from the UTZ album “MINIATURA!” released in December 2012.


Second version is an acoustic take in collaboration with violinist Isabelle Decraene (Symfonie Orkest Vlaanderen, Med Orchestra, Ramiro Gallo, Kay Sleking, Quinteto El Despues...) This simple formula, voice, guitar and violin will shed a new light on the original track with distinct influences from the likes of Kronos Quartet, Hanne Hukkelberg, Stina Nordenstam…


Third version is a remix by 10” Allah, Duo created by DJ ReeDoo (Strictly Niceness, Bruzz...) and sound engineer Jeremy Trossat. Watch out for this track full of surprises, as it will get you up on your feet and dancing in no time!


Enjoy this release!

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