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The Brussels based artist JAZMYN, offers a one way ticket to a percussive universe, a combination of Jazz, Soul, Funk and RnB that will make you cry, laugh and dance.

Accompanied by her band, this singer with a smooth, just broken enough voice, delivers a unique performance, certifying a love of the stage and a sharp musical technique. 

On the menu: nostalgia, authenticity and intimacy, all sprinkled with a good dose of uninhibited groove.

A true queen of jazzy harmonies, JAZMYN proclaims her joys, her sorrows and her doubts in all honesty, without filter or artifice.

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JAM - RTBF 17-01-2023

"Autour d'un café avec les finalistes du Concours Circuit 2022"

La Vague Parallèle 05-12-2022

"Concours Circuit | Découvrez Jazmyn, chanteuse néo-soul" 

FOCUS VIF 22-10-2022

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