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Facetious dandy, Badi questions the world and shakes up trends. The kind who sings what others whisper. Over lush melodies, his lyrics underline the deficiencies of a failing society. Between ultimate disenchantment and absolute hedonism, cry of resistance and song of heart, Badi captures the mood of the times.

Key figure of the Belgian hip-hop scene, Badi continues his journey with the album "Moyi". After an exceptional collaboration with producer Boddhi Satva on the previous "Trouble Fête", the Brussels artist has carved out a place in the sun. Featured in a COLORS SHOW and a COLORS ENCORE, invited to the Trans Musicales 2021, Badi has performed in France, Switzerland and Scandinavia to carry his Afrofurist and activist anthems high. Appearing as a bubble of air in a world suffocated by health constraints, his repertoire has given him unprecedented visibility. However, Badi is not, strictly speaking, an emerging personality. Already there, long before the success of Damso and Hamza, the Belgian-Congolese rapper found his way within the collective Chant D. Loups. He then built himself as a solo artist, laying down his ultra magnetic flow alongside Stromae, Sefyu or Youssoupha.

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