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Renato Baccarat.

Brasilian pop songwriting.

Singer/songwriter Renato Baccarat is native from São Paulo where he spent the early musical years of his life. At age nine his family settles in Europe following the endless tours of Renato’s father, Brazilian trumpet player Gildo Ilhosa. It was from there onwards that Renato grew strongly connected to the Brazilian culture, with an ocean of possibilities separating them. This results in a bittersweet mix of musical ingredients: a solar sound tinged with influences from Tom Zé, Jeff Buckley, Rodrigo Amarante to the Pixies. 
After MINIATURA! (2012) and Todo Mundo é Feio (2016), Renato returns with a third album recorded entirely in São Paulo and produced by Guilherme Kastrup (known for his work with Tom Zé, Bixiga 70, Chico Cesar, Gal Costa, Elza Soares Latin Grammy Award 2016).
Deselegância Discreta (2/7/2020) is far more closely related to contemporary Brazil than his previous albums. In the great tradition of Brazilian Popular Music that has always found its place between art and society, Renato Baccarat offers through his lyrics a modern reading of our times.

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