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I Don't Buy It
Sortie sur toutes les plateformes le 5 mai

I don’t buy it, ‘I’m not buying it’, ‘je n’achète pas’, je n’y crois pas, bien tenté, mais ça ne marche pas.  Qui n'en a jamais eu marre des beaux parleurs qui déblatèrent des mots vides de toute sincérité ? Voici ce que JAZMYN chante avec une ironie éraillée dans ce morceau, elle nargue, elle tacle ce baratineur qui n’est là que pour lui faire perdre son temps. Jamais un râteau n'avait été aussi mélodieux.

I don't buy it, nice try, but it doesn't work. Who hasn't had enough of these smooth operators who spout empty words ? This is what JAZMYN sings with a hoarse irony in this song, she roasts, she tackles this sweet talker who is only there to waste her time. Never before has getting blown off been so melodious.

Live Session
Sortie le 12 mai

The Brussels based artist JAZMYN, offers a one way ticket to a percussive universe, a combination of Jazz, Soul, Funk and RnB that will make you cry, laugh and dance.

Accompanied by her band, this singer with a smooth, just broken enough voice, delivers a unique performance, certifying a love of the stage and a sharp musical technique. 

On the menu: nostalgia, authenticity and intimacy, all sprinkled with a good dose of uninhibited groove.

A true queen of jazzy harmonies, JAZMYN proclaims her joys, her sorrows and her doubts in all honesty, without filter or artifice.

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